Flirting With Fashion

Sex!&Fashion gets the dirty on the endlessly talented Crystal Moselle, as she talks flirting with fashion film, loving Woody Allen and filming girls “stripping off and being silly” for her new project... More ++

Fashion Inked

The New York Times has credited Blue Logan with breathing new life into fashion illustration. The nimble artist tells us of the power of fancy brooches, breaking into fashion shows and the reason he draws so very fast… More ++

One Helluva NERV-O

Overlook for a second, if you can, that NERVO are just about the hottest sisters in music, (the quintessential adolescent boy’s dream) and actually listen to their tunes, you’ll find they’re pretty damn catchy. More ++

All Pleasure, No Guilt

Ready for the next wave of Brazilian party people? Fresh from winning an MTV Brazil award are Banda Uó, ready to take over the world, one techno-brega hit at a time. More ++

Haute Visionary

David Dunan
Visionary image-maker David Dunan is not your average fashion insider – not only did he grow up in the idyllic and remote Scottish countryside where he’d “never actually seen a McDonalds” until studying in Edinburgh at 17, but originally studied interior architecture before More ++

Sexy Songs: Sebastien Tellier

Sebastien Tellier is synonymous with a kind of sexy that's imbued with sensuality; stimulating your brain as well as your body, baby. He’s in Australia for Park Life, and last week he sat down for a gang bang of a Q&A... More ++