Boss In Drama, Pericles Boss In Drama Disco Karma

Péricles M, also known as Boss In Drama, is a bright star in new Brazilian pop. His debut album Pure Gold has just been named in Rolling Stone Brazil’s top ten albums of 2011, beating out such international talents as CSS. He’s also an MTV Brazil award winner and he’s even been named dropped on Justin Timberlake’s blog as ‘a Brazilian one man Chromeo’. We caught up with the freshly blonde disco diva in the throes of editing the video for his latest single, and got him to list the songs in his arsenal for when he’s chasing the chubbies.

MARIAH CAREY – Make It Happen
When I wanna come quickly, this is the mood music.

COVER GIRLS – Wishing On A Star
For my vintage porn scenario.

THE ISLEY BROTHERS – Between the Sheets
I play funk to loosen up any dead fish that I happen to be unlucky enough to catch…

Music makes the people cum together. Yeah.

FUCKED UP – Crooked Head
Well this last one isn’t about the song really… but whenever I watch this singer it makes me horny.

Boss In Drama‘s latest single, Disco Karma ft Christel is out now via Vigilante.

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