Matt Van Schie
If you know anything about cool Australian music, then Matt Van Schie hardly needs introduction. But in case you missed the boat on that one, Matt’s surname is the one that happens to be the namesake of none other than one of Australia’s favourite bands: Van She. Whilst it’s been way too long since we’ve heard anything from them, I’ve been told to expect new music from the boys in early 2012 since they’ve been working on material this year. In the meantime, you’ll have to be content with a quick run down of songs from Matt’s favourite genre: SEXY TIME.

GEORGE BENSON – Turn Out The Lamplight
If you don’t feel like sexy time after hearing this then you have no soul.

I’m pretty sure it’s the sex, oops, I mean sax that gets me in the mood.

PRINCE – The Beautiful Ones
Even if this song wasn’t flaring outrageous amounts of heat – just one look at Appolonia and you’ll be nice and moist.

CHRIS ISAAK – Wicked Game
Come on! Get that guitar out of my face before I lose my shit.

THE REELS – This Guy’s In Love
Just shut up and slow dance.

Matt Van Schie

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