Softball legs black and white
I arrived at the club. It was almost 2am. I’d missed the flurry of slamming down drinks when the bar was open. Thanks to this, everyone was already deep into wasted territory, so I had some catching up to do. I slammed down a frozen margarita. Or three. A friend introduced me to this guy from out of town, a DJ, who’d worked with some cool people or something. I’d heard of him but never heard his stuff, but he was cute and fairly normal on first meeting. He’d just had his first sniff of the night and was a bit of a monster for the powder but it made him brave, he was real cocky. He pulled me aside in the smoking area and asked if I wanted to play a game. Rock paper scissors, winner gets to choose ‘a cheeky dare’, as he put it. Huh. Next thing you know we were jammed up against the corner, zippers undone. After a quick trip back to the dancefloor, we headed to the bathroom for some more rock paper scissors and ended up more than a bit naked. Then there was a pounding on the door, I got my gear back on real quick and left him in a tangle. The security gave me the eye but let me past. He got escorted out of the club though. I heard the next day that a gay friend who was out for straight dick took him to a live sex club for afters. Too bad for my friend, because from reports, DJ Rock Paper Scissors had coke willy by that time. Good thing I got an earlier score in then – hit and run, no harm done.


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