28 Pence
London being the epicentre of all things fabulous was a great place to celeb spot, especially working in the club. We had everyone from Robbie Williams, Simon Cowell and Leonardo di Caprio pop their heads in once in a while, girls would be handpicked by the doormen to join them at their booths and flirt and flutter.

Sometimes you would get jobs through the club where you would go offsite and work, one evening a friend of mine ‘Lolly’ who worked at the club told me about a private job and that a rapper and his entourage would be coming to town and wanted to hire 50 girls to party for the night.

Some of the girls would be from our club and some from our rival establishment Stringfellows. And all we had to do was come and party for 300 pounds which was a below average night’s work but a night off, which was going to be fun.

We arrived at super tacky club China White and we taken over to an area where none other than 50 cent and The Game were hanging out. Now let me paint a picture of China White, if you have seen the Only Way is Essex then that’s it. Guys on tables with bottles of vodka and champagne and yes the lyrics of the songs were right, Cristal was champers of choice and yes they did pass the Courvoisier.

I didn’t talk to Mr Cent at the club but the girls and I had a ball, even when he got up and sang his own song ‘In Da Club’ to the club not once but twice. We all then went back to a house which was mind-blowing. It had Ferraris parked in the front and a giant pool. MTV Cribs eat your heart out.

The house looked like a scene out of a video with girls jumping into the pool naked, people dancing, indulging in drugs although not the celebs themselves who were slightly boring if you ask me.

We eventually got bored and wanted to leave so we got paid and shimmied off. Before we left I wanted to say hi to Mr Cent so wandered over. All night we had been calling Fifty 28 pence as that was the currency conversion at the time so in my moment of glory I said “hello Mr 28 Pence”, and ran off in a fit of drunken giggles, not very cool but hilarious none-the-less.

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