Lynda Benglis
As iconoclasts go, they probably broke the mould when they made Lynda Benglis. 

The American sculptor, who works largely with wax and latex, is known as much for her colourful poured works – Fallen Paintings – as for her strong stance on the position of women in art and society.

A 1974 issue of Artforum contained perhaps her most infamous work in the form of a full-page colour advertisement. In a pair of slick shades and nothing but a few tan lines, Benglis posed holding a really, really long latex dildo to promote an upcoming show. 

In 1976, Bengliss turned her focus to the social position of the artist. One of the resulting works was the pretty odd 30-odd minute piece The Amazing Bow Wow, which follows the sad tale of the title character, a talking hermaphroditic dog. 

We first meet the hero at a side-show, where we are told that Bow Wow rivals “the Niagara Falls, the Taj Mahal and even the Statue of Liberty”. From there on, things get intense. Bow Wow is treated with fascination, then suspicion, then scorn.

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