Relax. Look into my eyes. You are getting very sleepy. Wait, not sleepy. Horny.

It may be a revelation to some of you that sex isn’t only about the body. Arousal is all in the brain, lovers. It makes obvious and logical sense that in as much as boys think unsexy thoughts to delay the moment, thinking sexy thoughts can bring it on. Amongst the many things that hypnosis claims to be able to affect in one’s psyche, it will be no surprise that hypnosis can be used to mentally caress you to the point of frothing ecstasy, with just the power of your mind (and the help of what is known as ‘Bedroom Voice’). Human beings are so much more pliable than we all like to think we are.

New age as it sounds, the concept of erotic hypnosis has been around since the ancient world, in the forms of myths surrounding sirens, mermaids and witches, luring unwitting men into sexual and mortal peril with their gaze or song. Killing softly with their sexy.

Youtube will unearth a minefield of videos that will lead you down this mentally stimulating path. Despite my misgivings at conducting such an experiment in an open plan environment, the unsuspecting, vaguely dyslexic boy I was sitting next to volunteered to don some headphones and relax into the exercise. Some deep breathing and two minutes later, he ripped his headphones off and declared, “I don’t want to do this. I feel funny.”

HOT DAMN UNBELIEVERS, IT SEEMS LIKE IT MIGHT WORK A LITTLE BIT. After a few minutes of somewhat awkward silence, my guinea pig nervously concluded that it must’ve been the copious amounts of caffeine he’d consumed earlier. For further evidence, on inspection, the comments below the erotic hypnosis video were almost all ‘I want to be your slave, Mistress’. Clicking at your peril can find you watching something like THIS.

Besides luring innocent youtube surfers into entrancing them into sex slavedom, erotic hypnosis is apparently also used to make suggestions to improve sexual health, like: “overcoming apprehension about fellatio”. Other benefits can include increased sensuality, improved libido and…increased breast size. Reduced inhibitions and hyper horniness is the general aim of the game, but you can of course do it deeper; placing the subject in a trance and talk them through a description of a sexual experience, resulting in the very least mild arousal all the way up to experiences as reportedly real as any.

Players have a play, and let us know how you go…