Winona Ryder
With Halloween fast approaching one sex bomb sprang immediately to mind – ultimate ’90s raven-haired pin-up, Winona Ryder! Every Halloween, you can be guaranteed to find a handful of amazing Beetlejuice brides a la Winona, with va-voom crimson wedding gown and veil… I’ve even seen variations on her Heather’s finale get-up, with Winona looking a little dirty and dangerous.

Ah Winona, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways… As a young teen, Winona starred in Welcome Back Roxy Carmichael, as an androgynous, punky adolescent who wins the heart of the high-school jock star, and spunkily wears pink prom dresses with chunky black sneakers – it was such a cool little movie and followed immediately by Beetlejuice, where she played the loveliest gothic flower, Lydia. Heather’s had to be one of THE best ’80s movies, a satire of teen suicide and high-school drama, which rocketed Winona and Christian Slater to instant stardom. In Edward Scissorhands, she wasn’t looking the best in a weird strawberry blonde wig, but got to hook up with Johnny Depp who became her real-life BF – and they looked amazing together (best late ’80s couple)! THEN Winona was in ’90s grunge classic, Reality Bite – and seemingly every 14-year-old girl tried to get that random short-ish haircut (I did!).

After that… I’m not sure what happened to Winona. It was pretty (crazy) cool when she went on a shoplifting frenzy, inciting her fans to wear ‘Free Winona’ tee-shirts. Wasn’t so cool when she started getting blond-ish streaks in her hair – she looked so rockin’ with the black cropped do and porcelain skin!

Winona, you were and always will be one smokin’ sex-bomb style icon.

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