Club Drugged
Being young, single and ready to mingle the time in Paris was hedonistic to say the least. There were occasions that were hilarious and some were exceedingly naughty and some which were down right dangerous.

There were two scrapes I got myself into, and at the time they seemed fairly amusing and really nothing to worry about but flash forward and I’m a thinkin’ “oops did that really happen.”

The first happened when one of our regular customers at the club drugged me, now I am a girl who can handle her liquor and this night I had consumed one measly glass of champers.
After disembarking the stage I felt somewhat disoriented and left the club. The exit was a long pink tunnel and I almost felt like I was tripping out. Great if I had wanted that experience but no I hadn’t bought acid. I then managed to put myself into a waiting limo and after that everything was hazy.

The next thing I came to face down on a bed of this customers apartment with my trousers around my ankles, underwear in tact and with a really sore head. This was no laughing matter.

Suffice to say I hadn’t been attacked thankfully, maybe my years of hardened drinking and drug taking up until that point had provided me with some sort of resistance.
After acting really coolly I hot footed out of that apartment quicker than you could say Rohypnol and after that kept a very close eye on my drinks and was alert to stranger danger in the club.

Thankfully the sleaze was found doing it to someone else – nobody actually got raped, praise the lord – and I think club justice was brought to him. And a trip to casualty.
And as for the second scrape… well that’s slightly more amusing…

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