The only way from here is up. Standing up straight and proud and around the corner from you may be the future of the growing sex industry. Not for those who are the slightest bit prudish, sex-plex is everything sex and more. It can be a place for experimentation, the one night stand or even just the place for a bit of a peep show.

The idea of the sex-plex has been toyed with on many occasions and the profitability is undeniable. Interior and Environmental Design student Ruth Bowie, from Dundee, Scotland made headlines with her major project- the mega sex-plex – which polarised many. Tabloid newspapers got a little bit creative with their vision for her sex-plex, “orgy room, porn cinema, adult shop, fetish rooms, dungeons, pole-dancing bars and bedrooms”. But the truth is not far from it, her designs including, “Full Frontal” the cocktail bar, “Orgy” dance club and also featuring many other levels where clients can purchase sex toys and even make their way to the climax of the club “Hotel Sex” so they can enjoy a night or two together.

Bowie apparently had envisaged something a little more acceptable to societies standards. Rather than just a straight-out brothel, her sex-plex identifies problems and trends in our increasingly sexually liberated society and then tries to create a safe, controlled environment for strangers to mix in. There is a counterbalance between the sexually gratifying services it offers, the ability to check your sexual health and purchase all things needed for a night of safe sex in one place.

Forget the fictional stuff! Sydney, Australia may well be the first city to experience the revolutionary brothel. Popular brothel, Stiletto has put in a $12 million application to expand into a three story, 42 room building with mega features for clients. Reports say it will contain suites with pool tables and rooms with two sets of beds for parties or group bookings (imagine the possibilities). Sydney-siders will not be the only winners with the new sex-plex, the owners will be pocketing millions of dollars a year extra in profits.


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