Olivia Lopez
There is something to be said about this generation’s mentality. While there is the typical norm that spend their teenage years grasping on to youth, but perversely engaging in illegal and not-so-youthful activities, there are the select group that have managed to find a healthy balance between work and play. But above all, it’s the passionate ones that not only succeed… but inspire. And eighteen year old Olivia Lopez is a prime example.

The fashion blogger/model/student/entrepreneur has become an iconic internet sensation. She is a leading pioneer in the blogging revolution which has rapidly gained popularity within the fashion industry. Olivia has been featured in several highly acclaimed publications including Nylon Japan, Teen Vogue, Ellegirl Japan, and Elle China. She has tried her hand at modelling, and has participated in many other creative collaborative projects.

While this fashionista seems to have an entirely full plate, Olivia graciously allowed some time for Sex & Fashion to get the inside scoop on her insight about the experiences she’s had thus far. But with all interviews aside, we know this for sure: Miss Lopez has certainly got an eye for style and a love for fashion but above all a lust for life.

Rachel Schwartzmann: What is sexy? What makes something or someone unsexy?

Olivia Lopez: Sexy is undaunted sex appeal. It’s confidence with a strut and being able to take something bland and owning it. It’s also charm and street smarts–it’s knowing what you want and how to get it. Aside from good culinary/sartorial taste and ambition, I think guys who know how to code is sexy and James Franco. And fictional characters like Gatsby and Atticus Finch. Something unsexy: Being desperately impressionable or close-minded. Un-sexy is wearing fake eyelashes on a daily basis (cringe), fake tans, and fake implants.

Rachel Schwartzmann: You are very involved in the fashion industry, whether it is modelling or blogging. What do you enjoy most? What do you feel is the most difficult part?

Olivia Lopez: I enjoy the hours outside of blogging. Whether it be traveling to a new city, visiting a show room, styling or modelling a shoot, attending events and meeting other bloggers, it’s the time I spend outside of the internet is when I feel most productive, most energetic, and most passionate about blogging. Maybe I feel this way because prior to being a blogger, I wanted to be a journalist, so I’ve always felt that seeing things was always more important than my next purchase. Although my blog now is more fashion-focused, I personally feel that sharing my experiences feels more enriching than constant, commercial stimulation. The most difficult part about blogging is the up-keeping. There’s just never enough time in the day!

Rachel Schwartzmann: Tell us a bit about the process and responsibility it takes to run a blog. How do you find time to balance other non-related fashion/blogging activities?

Olivia Lopez: One thing about blogging is that it varies from day-to-day! It keeps me on my feet creatively speaking, and it’s really helped me develop my sense of style. The only way to balance life and blogging activities is cutting down on sleep. Last year I was juggling 7 classes, managing three clubs at my high school and an after-school full time job–despite a hellish schedule I ultimately made time for blogging while I was procrastinating on my AP Lit readings!

Rachel Schwartzmann: You’ve also done some modelling, what have you enjoyed the most about those experiences?

Olivia Lopez: What I loved about modelling is meeting all the creative types involved: the designers, the photographers, the stylists, and the make-up artists. I always find it inspiring when I hear their stories, especially the ones who quit their 9 to 5′s to pursue their dreams in a creative career. They throw away stability to fulfil their dreams. That takes guts.

Rachel Schwartzmann: If you could trade lives with anyone for a day who would it be and why?

Olivia Lopez: Olivia Palermo, because she has a picture perfect life! She’s beautiful, has a solid fashion career, an equally attractive boyfriend, and a closet I would swoon over.

Rachel Schwartzmann: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Olivia Lopez: Happily traveling the world!

Rachel Schwartzmann: What are your upcoming projects?

Olivia Lopez: Right now I’m working on launching my vintage and accessories shop called The Caravan and discussing projects with several agencies from Tokyo, Sweden, NY an LA…. and that’s all I can share for now!

Rachel Schwartzmann: On an end note, what are your thoughts individually on sex, and fashion? Do they go coincide?

Olivia Lopez: Sex without love is like food without taste.


Olivia Lopez
Olivia Lopez
Olivia Lopez
Olivia Lopez
Olivia Lopez
Olivia Lopez
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