My introduction to Slovenian psychoanalyst and thinker Slavoj Žižek was through that YouTube clip where he suggests that tulips are vaginas threatening to swallow him, or words to that effect but more eloquently executed.

The one-time presidential candidate is not only a force when it comes to talking about the psychosexual nature of plants, but also world politics, economics, social theory and cinema. He is pure and manic power, an example of extreme intellectual promiscuity.

The aforementioned scene is an outtake from The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema, directed by Sophie Fiennes. The three-part series was written and presented by Žižek, and often sees him inserted into the sets and locations of transgressive films (the garden was from Blue Velvet) to apply Lacanian psychoanalysis from the inside.

You can read more from him on the subject of sex here.

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