Work It Missy Elliott
It’s freaky Friday at Sex and Fashion. Here are some songs that are making the office steam up in time for the weekend.

Rub you the right way- Johnny Gill
Showing that he really knows how to show a woman some love, Johnny Gill gets busy with his hands.

Love to Love you baby- Donna Summer
If Donna Summer’s body tingling voice is not enough to get you going in the bedroom then we don’t know what is.

Work it – Missy Elliott
We need say no more- the suggestive lyrics speak for themselves, “You do or you don’t or you will or won’t cha/ Go downtown and eat it like a vulcha?”

Ignition- R. Kelly
It may be a cheesy metaphor but none the less it really does push our buttons.

Promiscuous- Nelly Furtado and Timbaland
A steamy video clip and bass-heavy sounds that will leave you all hot and sweaty that’s for sure.