With sex comes pleasure, pain and possibly everything in between. And with youth comes beauty, destruction and definitely those memorable awkward moments along the way. So what happens when you combine the two? A match made in heaven of course – well I guess it depends on whose asking. But usually this killer combination is something that no parent in their right mind would ever want their children to be exposed to. Well too bad for them…

…. because this generation loves to document it.

And what better documentation then the British television phenomenon Skins, which has captivated audiences worldwide. Created by father-son duo Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain, Skins follows a group of teenagers (whose characters change every two years) as they endure the trial and tribulations of everyday life. Ruled as having a controversial plot, Skins explores issues including mental illness, substance abuse, and death. It’s international popularity reached it’s peak as America’s MTV attempted to adapt the series in early 2011. 

Now as you paint this picture in your mind, I know what you may be thinking: A show which focuses solely on the dirty dirty of us shit-talking, trouble causing, head-in-the cloud teenagers? Been there done that. Yet rawness of Skins reminds the viewer that this show, truly shows no mercy. As it may portray the usual stereotypes, Skins’ uncensored and brilliantly acted plot-lines easily entice any individual at any age. It is a reminder that young people party, struggle, feel things, and have the right to– just as much as anyone else.

While it may be written off as an extreme portrayal of teenage recklessness, it highlights the drama and tragedy that may occur, but is rarely spoken about. Skins breaks the traditional barriers of what should and shouldn’t be accepted as “tolerable” behavior for young people. And if there is ever a day we find ourselves without a show like Skins, us young-ins will always find a way to break those barriers, and possibly a few lampshades and family heirlooms along the way…. But what can we say? No one ever said being a teenager was clean and easy and Skins is pure proof.

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