The Changing Room
If you’ve ever wondered what the inside of a strippers changing room is like then boys – yes it is everything you could have dreamed of and more… and girls, yes there is occasional rivalry and cat fights between competitive girls over stolen customers/boyfriends.

The changing room of The Rhino was enormous; it had theatre mirrors with light-bulbs and catered for loads of girls. You would find some who would have their makeup immaculately laid out in front of them and others who would be plucking ingrown hairs from around their bikini lines, or fiddling with their piercings…yes those types of piercings.

As you had to pay to work 70 pound per shift you would see your ‘house mum’ (the woman employed by the club to keep you in line) who would be collecting as you walked in the door. You would often find girls pleading not to pay until later in their shift, you see although we made lots of money we also spent lots of money knowing that the next day you could rock up and in earn in one night what most of your friends would earn in a week.

Upon walking into the changing room you really couldn’t be shy because there were naked bodies everywhere, girls fake tanning, checking out new boob jobs and a solarium and treadmill. The lights were stark and nothing like the soft lighting on the floor so you couldn’t run or hide, everything was out on display.

There weren’t supposed to be any men in the changing room but the odd manager or bar man would be in an out, usually eyes boggling as well as the DJ. The DJ booth was attached to the changing room as the main performing stage could only be accessed from there.

It was hilarious location, if you were out on the main floor working the customers and you heard your name called by the DJ you had to run through the club and get out on the stage. It wasn’t negotiable and sometimes bribes to the DJ not to dance all night, or twenty to the bouncers here and there would ensure you didn’t have to fulfil your duty.

One of the DJ’s – an old guy called Dave – used to smoke with the girls in the changing room with the girls in various stages of undress, a completely normal occurrence. As the girls weren’t really allowed to drink there would be smuggled drinks in lockers, girls snorting lines in the toilets and tearful phone conversations to boyfriends.

There were dress sellers plotted up out the back and at 9pm they would serve the girls food so it would be like the most glamorous canteen queue you have ever seen. One of the funniest things that I ever saw in the changing room was when two girls who were really good friends had a spat over a customer.

One was an Aussie and the other was from East London. They had both been on a ‘sit down’ with a rich old guy, draped all over him. It had been a quiet day that day so girls were a little more desperate to make their money. One of the girls was called to dance and the other pounced on the customer cleaning him out of his cash. When girl number two got back she was furious and a stomped into the changing room where they proceeded to get into quite a nasty fist fight, sequins, G-strings and all…

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