Francois Sagat
Many of you may recognise Francois Sagat as one part of GayVN’s 2008 Best Threesome Award (for a scene in Folsom Leather, natch). Others may know his face – and chest, and arms, and ass – from the odd Terry Richardson shoot or the campaign for Bernhard Willhelm’s SS2008 men’s line, in which Sagat sported gridiron shirts and wrestler’s tights and posed jamming his penis into the exhuast pipe of a car.
Despite huge sex-ess in ‘the industry’ and definite validation by Willhelm and Richardson as a cultural icon of sorts, Sagat’s mainstream star has yet to rise. In fact, the closest he’s come to international fame is a bit part in Saw VI and a Bruce LaBruce film in which he plays a homeless schizophrenic who tries to blow the dead back to life.
Presumably, this is why the documentary about his life and career – SAGAT - has drawn little attention since it was aired on French TV in March. Personally, I think the world has yet to see the end of Francois Sagat. In fact, if this trailer is anything to go by, we’ve really only seen the tip.

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