Sauna Time
What better way to get clean whilst simultaneously getting dirty, than in a bath? Besides perhaps, in a shower, spa or sauna… So with this time honoured tradition in mind, we’ve compiled our five international tips for the best gay bath houses around.

São Paulo, Brazil: Sauna 269
269, Rua Bela Cintra
Appropriately numbered, the most famous sauna of São Paulo is Sauna 269. This spot services the most affluent gays, geezer and gazers of the city; complete with go go dancers, shows, private cabins, glory holes, a golden shower area and hot bartenders. Guess it’s not known as the best sex club in South America for nothing…

Tokyo, Japan: 24KAIKAN
Shinjuku 2-13-1, Shinjuku
“The guys are numerous, young and hot. Good mixture of races. Showers and steam rooms are on the third floor. Plenty of futons on the fourth floor, where people do a lot more than just sleep. Everyone seems to be busy, even out in the open. Safety supplies available at reception.” Wrap it up before you smack it up, y’all.

Melbourne, Australia: Club 80
8-10 Peel St, Collingwood
With room for socialising, first run and art house cinema available to view (as well as porn), the internet available, and space for reading (a euphemism perhaps? Though for what we don’t know. Because why you’d be reading in there, we’re not really sure), Melbourne’s Club 80 is a state-of-the-art facility for heavy cruising.

Berlin, Germany: Steam
113 Kurfurstenstrasse, 10787 Berlin
Located in Schöneberg, Steam sauna kicks it with the ‘old school’ gay posse. Meaning, most clients are over 35. Described as a ‘fuck factory’, Tuesday is couples day whilst Wednesdays and Saturdays are the steam days. With both Turkish and Finnish style baths available and a plethora of other extras, this is one of Berlin’s most famous and classic spots to cruise.

New York City, USA: Westside Club
27 W20th Street, New York City
Big, organised and super busy, Westside is a spot where you can unwind, relax and get bizzay with ‘like-minded gentlemen’ in the heart of Chelsea. Available for your pleasure 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year.

Special thanks to Marco for sharing his tips!

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