Here’s the dilemma of encountering Fornicon for the first time: the book is beautiful, the illustrator is famous, the fucking is brutal.

In Fornicon, we are presented with a sliding scale. At one end is ‘human’. At the other, ‘machine’. Those participating in the scene on each page exist somewhere on this spectrum, sometimes at several points simultaneously. They are never not having sex, connected at multiple points to extensions of themselves or other machinated appendages. It’s relentless and, if the faces in the drawings are anything to go by, nothing short of an ecstatic experience.

That Fornicon’s creator, Tomi Ungerer, is as famous for his children’s illustrations as he is for his ‘adult’ work is not too surprising. In all he makes, Ungerer carries through the same surreality and far-reaching fantasy that makes kids want to pay attention and adults want to buy books. 

Copies of Fornicon are relatively scarce, but if you’re quick you might be able to pick one up at the new P.A.M Store in Sydney.

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