ksubi’s PR Gina Nixon gives us some sexy songs and shares her love for Skittles in the bedroom.

Lauryn Hill – Ex-Factor
When you finally realise it’s all over and there is no going back.

Paula Abdul – Rush Rush
The first music video I remember from childhood. I idolised Paula’s red dress, her black feather bustier and diamante earrings. The film clip oozes forbidden lust, which is always the best kind! And a young Keanu Reeves definitely isn’t a bad thing either.

Maxwell – Get To Know Ya
My first love used to pick out all the purple Skittles and leave me messages written in them on my window sill. This song will always remind me of him.

John Legend – Slow Dance
“I propose that we go to the floor and we slow dance.” Sure!

Lionel Richie – Hello
Quite possibly the creepiest video of all time… From the teacher/student relationship, to the lingering prank phone call, and how could we forget the hideous clay sculpture. I love it though!

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